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Charlotte Table Tennis Club, Inc

CTTC founded in 1979 is one of the oldest table tennis clubs in the state of North Carolina. We are a diverse club with over 125 active players - ranging from professionals to amateurs, 10 year olds to 75 year olds. If you love the game and want to play or of you are on the fence - jump right in, this is the place. Come visit us!

September Giant Round Robin Tournament

Class A

1st Place - Rachid El Boubou

2nd Place  - Cameron Smith

Semifinalists - Rachel Wang and Steve Wang

Class B

1st Place - Edson Yanaga

2nd Place  - Andrew Snyder

Semifinalists - Gloria Cadavid and Piyush Kant

Class C

1st Place - Canh Cao

2nd Place  - Brian Lehman

Semifinalists - Ajinkya Gabhe and Frank Zha

Class D

1st Place - Vishva Abhishek Tarar

2nd Place  - Jackson Lee

Semifinalists - Aadi Gulibani and Harry Karr

14 photo(s) Updated on: 17 Jun 2023
  • Class B = 1st Place - Edson Yanaga Class B - 2nd Place - Andrew Snyder
  • Class A - Finalist - Cameron Smith Class A - Champion - Rachid El BouBou
  • CTTC September Giant Round Robin - Class A Finals - Rachid El Boubou versus Cameron Smith
  • Class C: Ajinkya Gabhe, semifinalist - Canh Cao, 1st place - Brian Lehman, 2nd place - Frank Zha, semifinalist
  • Class D: Vishva Abhishek Tarar, 1st place - Jackson Lee, 2nd place - Aadi Gulabani (front), semifinalist
  • US National Team member Rachel Wang versus Steve Wang
  • Obrian Espejo versus Rachid El Boubou
  • Steve Wang chops back Maksim Kovalev's attack
  • Rachel Wang versus Lei Wu
  • Vishva Tarar versus Ira Parande in preliminary group 11
  • Harry Karr versus Ling Fan in Preliminary Group 8

League Results for 9/21/2023
Player of the Week - Vishva Tarar
828591Cameron Smith2201220877U109/21/2023
11778571Obrian Espejo20312063326U109/21/2023
219741Matt Chando20472040-7409/21/2023
2783791Vinit Dhuri202120210409/21/2023
325501Edem Komlanvi196519672309/21/2023
793391Elvis Lopez1914193521309/21/2023
1400201Victor Plugovoy19251910-151D209/21/2023
281961Pezhman Shams19421902-400D209/21/2023
2134772Roy Everman19431937-6509/21/2023
711982David Asson18741891175U109/21/2023
646782Elias Gomez18661881155U109/21/2023
2169592Shahzad Nizamuddin173617393209/21/2023
2145812Ajinkya Gabhe172917334209/21/2023
2726212Piyush Kant172317329209/21/2023
1988102Chirag Almoula17611719-420D309/21/2023
1980783Ion Diaconescu16801725456U209/21/2023
965553Andy Nguyen17831731-52409/21/2023
11664543Miguel Roldan168516883409/21/2023
279533Femi Ogundipe1626165529409/21/2023
11671103Alan Kriger16611655-6309/21/2023
704783Marcus Miller16431642-1309/21/2023
257293Phil Dulin16941651-432D409/21/2023
2749473Vishva Tarar15011587862U209/21/2023
2134754Greg Everman16331625-86U309/21/2023
2779834Jalen Joyce14741522486U309/21/2023
2801804Alex Leung1553156815609/21/2023
2779804Mansoor Ahmed1412145139409/21/2023
2698124Jacob Quiroz15591467-922D509/21/2023
2232024Srinivasrao Chintalapati1390140717209/21/2023
2703314Venkatesan Srinivasan137013744209/21/2023
2798424Kairat Dzhylyshbaev13481325-230D509/21/2023
325475Bill Englebreth1623162525U409/21/2023
2773155Kiran Pendyala1444144734U409/21/2023
2760495Saket Nadimpalli133413362309/21/2023
2786645Delvin Joyce122912312209/21/2023
2793865Denis Sun1136113821D609/21/2023
2797585Tushar Sharma11161105-110D609/21/2023
2794966Adarsh Pillay12461233-13509/21/2023
2203346Elazar Silverman11701180105U509/21/2023
2798416Khafsa Dzhylyshbaeva11571180235U509/21/2023
2775946Saanvi Tiwari10811060-212D609/21/2023
2737546Chinmayi Venkatesan100210119209/21/2023
2703216Ravi Gone9919976209/21/2023
2795346Andre Santana929915-140D609/21/2023

February GRR Tournament Video - by Lei Wu


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