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Charlotte Table Tennis Club, Inc

CTTC founded in 1979 is one of the oldest table tennis clubs in the state of North Carolina. We are a diverse club with over 125 active players - ranging from professionals to amateurs, 10 year olds to 75 year olds. If you love the game and want to play or of you are on the fence - jump right in, this is the place. Come visit us!

2023 North Carolina State Championships

October 20-22 at Belk Gymnasium - UNCC

The 2023 North Carolina State Table Tennis Championships were held October 20-22 at Belk Gymnasium on the campus of UNC- Charlotte. Competition was friendly but fierce between several of the state’s clubs- Triangle Badminton and Table Tennis, Charlotte TTC, Carolina International TTA, Impact TTC, Asheville, TTC, and Cape Fear TTC. 

In Men’s Singles, Cameron Smith of Charlotte TTC took a 2-1 lead over Changbo Lu of Triangle BTT, but Changbo prevailed strongly in the final two games to win 8, -8, -9, 4, 4.

Rachel Wang of Carolina International TTA was undefeated in round robin play, 3-0, 3-0 to win the Women’s Singles event.

The women's doubles team of Zhen Jia and Kyoka Kanae were also undefeated in round robin play though Ling Fan and Amarpreet Kaur of CTTC managed to take a game from them.

Changbo Lu and Tsz Lun Chu were an unstoppable team in Men’s Doubles, powering through the formidable combinations of Cameron Smith / Jay Ntukulu who played so well in the 2022 National Collegiate Championships and Steve Wang / Lei Wu who have dominated men’s doubles in several national senior games competitions.

Changbo Lu also paired with Rachel Wang to win the Mixed Doubles event, even though CTTC threw four teams at them. 

Many thanks to USATT, Christy King and Cannon Vick of the US Performance Center, UNCC, Paddle Palace, host club Charlotte TTC, Rachel Wang and Table Tennis Dreams, and our officials - umpires Madhu Bhandari, Ling Fan, and Harry Karr, and tournament director and referee, Bill Englebreth.

Open Singles Men Champion - Changbo Lu

Finalist - Cameron Smith

Semifinalists - Tsz Lun Chu and Steve Wang

Open Singles Women Champion - Rachel Wang

Finalist - Sarah Zhang

Semifinalist - Ling Fan

Mixed Doubles Champions - Changbo Lu  / Rachel Wang

Finalists - Cameron Smith / Kyoka Kanae

Semifinalists - Steve Wang / Ling Fan and Zhen Jia / Lei Wu

Women’s Doubles Champions - Zhen Jia / Kyoka Kanae

Finalists - Ling Fan / Amarpreet Kaur

Semifinalists - Sarah Zhang / Lauren Ye

Men’s Doubles Champions - Changbo Lu / Tsz Lun Chu

Finalists - Steve Wang / Lei Wu

Semifinalists - Cameron Smith / Jay Ntukulu 

and Vitaliy Plugovoy / Elias Gomez

Under 2150 - Cameron Smith

Under 2000 - David Plugovoy

Under 1850 - Elias Gomez

Under 1700 - Elias Gomez

Under 1550 - Martin Lessa

Under 1400 - Frank Zha

Under 1250 - Rhea Gupta

Under 1100 - Mansoor Ahmed

Under 950 - Tripp Roche

Over 60 Men - Miguel Roldan

Over 60 Women - Ling Fan

Over 50 Men - Elias Gomez

Over 50 Women - Ling Fan

Over 40 Men - Vitaliy Plugovoy

Over 40 Women - Amarpreet Kaur

Under 19 Boys - Changbo Lu

Under 19 Girls - Rachel Wang

Under 15 Boys - Jintao Lee

Under 15 Girls - Sarah Zhang

Under 13 Boys - Jintao Lee

Under 13 Girls - Sarah Zhang

Over 40 Women’s Doubles - Zhen Jia / Kyoka Kanae

Over 40 Men’s Doubles - Steve Wang / Lei Wu

Over 40 Mixed Doubles - Steve Wang / Ling Fan

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League Results for 11/16/2023

Player of the Week - Martin Lessa

219741Matt Chando20072042356U111/16/2023
2783791Vinit Dhuri20342024-10411/16/2023
1400171David Plugovoy200720092411/16/2023
2175821Aarush Yagnik19621981194U111/16/2023
646781Elias Gomez19591941-18211/16/2023
281961Pezhman Shams19341906-281D211/16/2023
2801801Alex Leung1667166700D211/16/2023
1400202Victor Plugovoy1952195205U111/16/2023
711982David Asson18911883-8411/16/2023
856302Senthilkumar Sekaran18791863-16311/16/2023
2223172Sam Sundar1759180546311/16/2023
2145812Ajinkya Gabhe17221806843U111/16/2023
2169592Shahzad Nizamuddin18331816-172D311/16/2023
2777172Suraj Pendyala18411806-351D311/16/2023
895023Prakhar Paharia1953195637U211/16/2023
936173Shreedhar Kale1800181616611/16/2023
2665483Martin Lessa144917212725U211/16/2023
1988103Chirag Almoula17021691-11311/16/2023
2750193Ivan Kalinin16321621-11311/16/2023
11664543Miguel Roldan17211681-402D411/16/2023
11671103Alan Kriger16661633-33111/16/2023
2798423Kairat Dzhylyshbaev12851335501D411/16/2023
2779804Mansoor Ahmed14971582856U311/16/2023
2779834Jalen Joyce16651643-22511/16/2023
2701954Ivan Manchev15001498-2411/16/2023
2773154Kiran Pendyala14361429-7311/16/2023
2798414Khafsa Dzhylyshbaeva1271127652U311/16/2023
2786644Delvin Joyce12171213-4111/16/2023
2808434Lucas Martins10891084-50D511/16/2023
2777135Sadashiv Vaasista1399140235U411/16/2023
2203345Elazar Silverman12181208-10311/16/2023
2815395George Oliveira116411651311/16/2023
2815725Valera Sherman11101124143U411/16/2023
2804015Vishal Nelgi10031001-2111/16/2023
2804025Almaz Djylyshbaev922916-60D611/16/2023
2793866Denis Sun11321128-4411/16/2023
2792966Peter Duchene10821092104U511/16/2023
2816246Abdu Bahira110711103411/16/2023
2816136Joao Oliveira77877801D611/16/2023
2752856Jeremiah Mora962930-321D611/16/2023
2812946Patty Hill57861840111/16/2023

February GRR Tournament Video - by Lei Wu


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